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6 Building Blocks of Team Culture

Teams are essential to any organization. Because of this, building powerful cultures within each one is a major factor in determining organizational success or failure. In today's environment, teams are put under a lot of pressure to be dynamic in adjusting quickly to changes and disruptions in the workplace. Because of the pace of change, the culture of teams are falling behind - which means that teams are trying to approach and solve new experiences and situations using old ways of working and interacting which might not work anymore.

The interactions within teams and their situations are currently evolving, therefore, so should their culture. It is from this need that the We Canvas tool was born.

Built from the sociological principle of "we-intentions", the We Canvas was developed as a tool to make culture visible for any team, at any stage.

The Canvas was designed to get teams to design their culture using 6 core blocks - Purpose, Identity, Roles, Goals, Communication, and Interactions.

Block # 1: Purpose